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Eyebrow Extensions FAQ

Can I wash my face right after the eyebrow extension treatment?

No. You must wait 24 hours in order for the hairs to dry.

How long do eyebrow extensions last?

Eyebrow Extensions can last up to 14 days depending on how they are cared for, as well as the natural oils your skin produces. Oils, dirt, and makeup will break the bond of the glue so keeping the area clean is of the upmost importance.

Is eyebrow hair required to receive eyebrow extension services?

Brow extension hairs can be attached to the skin but will not lasts as long due to the oil and the secretions we naturally produce. Extensions applied to the hair itself will last longer.

How are the extensions added?

Each hair is individually placed to simulate the growth of natural eyebrows. Each natural eyebrow hair will receive only one extension of appropriate weight, size, and color.

Can I color or tint the eyebrow extension to match my natural brows?

No, our experts may choose a colored extension that will match your natural brow color. We are able to tint or lighten your natural eyebrows if needed and match them to the colored extensions.

Can my scar be covered in my eyebrow with eyebrow extensions?

Scars within the eyebrows can be occasionally camouflaged completely with eyebrow extensions. The amount of coverage differs from client to client.

Eyelash Extensions FAQ

What is the difference between volume and classic eyelash extension? Which is better?

Classic eyelash extensions are the “original” eyelash extensions. One thick eyelash extension is applied to one isolated natural lash. This achieves an glamorous and full look. Volume or Russian Volume eyelash extensions are an advance technique where you place 2-8 lashes in a fan-shape to one perfectly isolated natural lash. Each “fan” is handmade to the proper length and weight of each natural lash. Russian volume creates a full and dense look, for the ultimate Hollywood glamour.

Both classic and volume are unique in every way and one is not better than the other. Russian volume was create due to a need for a fuller lash line. Prior to Russian Volume, any client who had natural sparse lashes or damaged lashes, would be turned away or have eyelash extensions with gaps showing! We couldn’t really cover the gaps and someone with thin and short lashes would be turned away because classic lashes were either too long, too thick, or a combination of both. Another problem we faced before volume lashes is managing unreal expectations. Clients would come in with pictures of strip lashes or pictures of mascara ads and want the same look. Because we could only place one lash extension on one natural lash, the lashes were never as dark, as full, or as long as our clients would want. Russian Volume changed the industry by solving all of these problems. The lash extensions used for this technique and thinner and softer, letting us place anywhere from 2-8 lashes per natural lash without causing trauma or damage.

How long will my extensions last?

They will last up to 4-8 weeks depending on care and natural growth cycle. If you are like most of our clients, once you have them applied it will become an addiction! In order to keep your lash extensions full and gorgeous, simple touch up appointments are needed typically every 2-3 weeks for classics or volume. Because we are all individual and unique, everyone will differ with the hold of your lashes. It mostly depends on your natural lash cycle growth, as well as sleeping habits and aftercare.

I heard extensions will harm my own lashes! Is this true?

If applied safely and correctly, eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes . Bad work can require months of “lash rehab” with no guarantee that all lashes will make a comeback. The outcome and quality of your lash extensions will rely heavily upon proper lash application and technique, credentials and licensing, and lash extensions length and weight. Please do your research when looking for a qualified eyelash extension artist and please listen to their advice. At the Lash and Brow Atelier, we promise to never harm your lashes! A proper weight and length will be applied and varies per client to keep integrity of the natural lash. If a specific style you wish for is either too long or heavy for your natural lashes, we will give you options where you may be able to closely achieve that style without damaging your natural lashes.

How do I take care of my new lashes?

An “after care” instruction card will be given before you leave your first appointment, but here are some helpful tips:

  • Do not rub your eyes excessively when you clean them.
  • Avoid any oil based cleansers, lotions or make-up removers.
  • Use only lash cleansers and/or oil free eye makeup remover to  remove makeup and cleanse your lashes.  Warm water with our suggested lash cleanser is the absolute  best product available to cleanse your lashes.
  • Gently pat dry your lashes with cotton free paper towels or use a fan to dry.
  • Do not get lash extensions wet for the first 24-48 hours.
  • Occasional short visits to the sauna or steam room is fine, however daily or extensive exposure to steam may cause the bonding agent to loosen.
  • Keep caution when using heavy heat around your extensions, as the heat can sometimes warp the lashes.
  • Avoid suntanning for the first three days of eyelash application.

Can I use an eyelash curler?

Synthetic lashes already come curled. An eyelash curler is not needed. Eyelash curlers are extremely harsh and will break both natural and synthetic lashes. You might even pull out your natural lashes! Ouch!

Can I still use mascara if I want to?

It is best not to wear mascara on your lash extensions. Keeping your lashes clean and free of buildup will lengthen the time your extensions will last. One of the many great benefits of lash extensions is the immediate, dramatic thickening and darkening of the lash line, eliminating the need for mascara all together. If you would still like to use mascara, you can only use them with CLASSIC eyelash extensions. Mascara can be applied on the tips and removed with a makeup sponge and oil free makeup remover.

How can I prepare myself for my eyelash extension appointment?

  • Remove all eye makeup (concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc). Be sure not to use oil based makeup removers or cleansers to clean your lashes prior to the application.
  • Do not use eye creams the day of your appointment.
  • Do not curl your lashes.
  • If you use contacts, please come with glasses.
  • Plan to set aside 1-3 hours for your appointment, depending on appointment type. Don’t worry! You will be comfortably laying down on a “comfy”, massage table with a bolster under your knees to protect your back.
  • Use the bathroom before.
  • A lot of our clients will download audible books or podcasts onto their phones to catch up on some reading or prepare for a meeting during the eyelash extension appointment.

Do eyelash extensions feel weird, heavy, or cause pain?

When professionally and properly applied, you cannot feel any difference after having your lashes enhanced with eyelash Extensions. They are weightless and you will forget that they are even there! If you do feel a difference, then you might be having a reaction to eyelash extension products OR your eyelash extensions may not have been properly applied.


Warning signs your lashes extensions are not being applied safely and correctly:


If you have had lash extensions and you notice your lash extensions are coming out in clumps of two or more, please know this is NOT normal and that you will have bald spots in your lash line as each clump of lashes finally sheds. Lashes should shed naturally, one at a time, and not in clumps. In addition, if you notice your technician is not using a single extensions to place on each natural lash but rather cluster extensions of 8 or more, beware! Clusters will have a bulb at the end and will look and feel heavy. Placing cluster lashes on a single lash is too heavy! The heaviness will cause stress to your natural hair follicle and damage it to the point your lashes may not grow back. One single extension should be applied to one single natural lash or one volume fan to one natural lash. This is the safest and correct technique.

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